Your French partner: high precision for high satisfaction

Much more than a basic provider, Euromac is your adviser and your ally. Our team will find innovative solutions for each of your problematics. The aim is to offer you the best service suited to your needs. As a forty-year-experienced specialist in cutting tools manufacture, we can guarantee you the highest quality and reliability for your tools according to our “zero-default” policy. Each tool is controlled during and after production (technical and aesthetic criteria) thanks to state-of-the-art metrological machines.

Offering quality products implies continuous innovation. Euromac has been following this rule since 1980 improving its manufacturing processes and procedures to reach the best quality possible. It is also very important to enhance management practices, since the transformation of the industrial sector and the arrival of Generation Y on the labour market have considerably changed working methods.



“ I would like to change the way we coach employees. We are fond of apprenticeship and I hope to develop continuing professional education through a training plan and in-house trainings. I also want to encourage project-driven working to boost autonomy, conviviality and communication.

A participating leadership, where decisions are shared among team members, reinforces links between players and brings new ideas. I really like theories about managing talents and
uncommon personalities. When you find the right people and trust them, you must have keys to success. ”